About Us

Ayursopnam stays true to its traditional roots while keeping strides with the modern way of living. This is the key reason why we branched online. We wanted Ayurveda's benefits to reach the maximum number of people and bring a positive impact on their lives. With our online presence, we seek to reach the ayurvedic products to the doorstep within a short period of time at a reasonable price & ensure maximum discount to our customers on all products.

The extensive 40 years of experience Ayurvedic field enhances our credibility as a leader in selling and Ayurvedic treatments. Our product portfolio includes classical medicines, patent medicines, organic products, and dried herbs.

We keep stock of only the best brands in India that are renowned for their quality products. These include Vaidyaratnam, Kottakkal, Oushadhi, Himalaya, Imis, Dabur, Pankajakasturi, Kandamkulathy, Sankar pharmacy, Sreedhareeyam, Sindhu pharmacy, AVP, Santhosh pharmacy, Amyron, Santhigiri, Gufi etc.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to expand knowledge about Ayurveda, the Indian Science, to all over the world

Our mission is to accomplish this statement by –

  1. Providing information & tips about the medicines by expert doctors
  2. Dealing in various types of Ayurvedic treatment
  3. Making quality a way of life to ensure only genuine quality and effective products are available at our stores
  4. Making available the full range of beneficial ayurvedic products and treatments to the common people across India and the world.

Connect with us

We provide all kinds of ayurvedic treatments (Panchakarma). Feel free to call & give you a chance to heal you in your pain through ayurvedic treatments. Contact us at Ayursopnam and get the deep-rooted answers to modern life's stress and fitness problems.